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Welcome to the GP Information Section


1. ENT CASUALTY see Pathway for patients accessing the ENT Casualty page (October 2019)

2. EVENTS for GPs see

3. National Electronic General GP Referral Project

                  * To access the most up to date form please visit@

4. NCCP Melanoma GP Referral Guidelines

5. SIVUH Paediatric Orthopaedic Service (uploaded 15/05/2019)

6. SIVUH Adult Orthopaedic Service (uploaded 15/05/2019) Links to pre and post hip and knee arthroplasty patient information see

7. Main Physiotherapy Department home page see

8. SIVUH Phlebotomy Service - Please visit the Pathology Department Home page for infomation regarding the SIVUH Phlebotomy Service.

9. Rapid access giant cell / temporal arteritis service


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