Hospital Mission Statement

We at the South Infirmary-Victoria Hospital are committed to providing the highest quality service to all our patients in a friendly, safe and caring environment. We endeavour to provide an effective, efficient service in a timely manner with equal access for all our patients.  We aim to provide individual patient centered care to each patient and their families and promote patient participation in their care. We encourage good interpersonal relationships.  We promote staff and service development through education, motivation and encouragement. We are committed to providing an effective learning environment for future health service staff. 


  • To continually strive to enhance the services we provide to the patients we serve.
  • To support every aspect of the patient’s healthcare needs/requirements to the highest possible standard.
  • To support education of healthcare professionals through the provision of quality clinical placements and the sharing of knowledge and expertise in the clinical area and in third level at both undergraduate and post graduate level.
  • To apply the expertise of our teams to the patient in the most productive and positive manner.
  • We are committed to collaborate with our third level partners in the development of staff, teaching, promotion of research, and innovative approaches to patient care and service delivery.
  • To create and develop a dynamic work environment and develop a mutually respectful relationship conducive to positive relations with patients, their relatives/carers and our staff.
  • To be an employer of choice and promote a positive working environment in which staff can develop, contribute and feel proud to be part of.


  • Clinical Excellence to deliver safe clinical care based on best practice and to the highest standards, informed by best practice.
  • Patient Engagement to engage patients in decisions about their healthcare in a manner that promotes partnership.
  • Dignity & Respect promote a positive environment which encourages and protects the dignity of patients, their relatives/carers and staff.
  • Responsibility take responsibility for ensuring that decisions are made in the best interest of patients and to ensure efficient use of our resources.
  • Efficient & Effective Resource UsageDeliver patient care in an efficient and effective manner within the valuable resources available at the hospital.
  • Communication – engage in open and honest communication with our patients and staff
  • Accountability be accountable for the care we deliver and for the use of valuable healthcare resources.
  • Caring & Commitment provide care to patients in a compassionate and understanding manner and have the patient at the centre of all decisions we make.
  • Support – create a supportive environment for our staff to enable them develop, contribute fully and deliver expert care and services.





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