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We have a responsibility to deliver our services so as to ensure clear gain to our patients from each contact with our organisation. We have a responsibility to ensure we fulfil our role as an acute facility with an integrated approach to services at the wider community level and at regional level. We have a responsibility to strive to meet the constant challenge of change. We must ensure that well trained, courteous and professional staff are employed to carry out the services in accordance with our plans and resources available. We have a responsibility to meet the needs of our staff and strive to provide a harmonious work environment.


Under the national hospital reconfiguration program the patient administration IT system was upgraded during 2011 to an integrated multicampus database to support integrated clinical services and the sharing of services across the region. The patient master index is a shared searchable table; the episodic incidents are specific to each facility. The user security model allows users to be restricted by site, only permitting them to view activity data for the specific site where they have a role.

Significantly, the project introduced a new patient identifier at a regional level (RID) which is used in all hospitals to uniquely identify the patient. This number will be used as the primary identifier on all requests for diagnostic services and other health interventions. Locally allocated historical numbers will be retained for reference and lookup purposes.





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