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Mission Statement

Our aim is to offer our patients the highest possible quality of life and symptom control throughout their treatment.  In order to do this we try to promote a warm and caring environment for patients, their families and friends.  Privacy and dignity is respected.  Equal concern and attention is given to each patient.  We are committed to fighting cancer using every available research and technology resource.


Department Profile

Department Description

Day Unit for administration of chemotherapy.  15 chairs - used for the administration of chemotherapy, counselling and patient education.

Services Provided

  • Administration of cytotoxic drugs
  • Follow-up care
  • Education of patients and families
  • Counselling
  • Patient Review

The Oncology Unit is located across the car park opposite the Main Reception. 

Telephone (021) 4926259 Monday - Friday 0800 hrs - 1700 hrs

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 0800 hrs - 1700 hrs

Information on the following topics is available in the Oncology Department:
Gynae Cancers
Breast Cancers
Colon and Rectal Cancers
Chemotherapy Leaflets
Hormonal Leaflets.

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