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Mission Statement

In collaboration with clinical nursing staff and the School of Nursing and Midwifery we as a unit strive to prepare nursing students for registration through the development of competencies necessary for the delivery of quality patient care within an effective clinical learning environment.

Through practice development initiatives, training and education we endeavour to promote and facilitate the continuing professional and personal development of nursing staff in order to enable them in the provision of a high standard of evidenced based care for patients and their families.

Department Profile

Department Description

The head of the NPDD is Brenda O'Brien, Nursing Practice Development Co-ordinator. Also within the team are Clinical Placement Co-ordinators, Nursing Student Allocations Liaison Officer and a Nurse Training and Development Co-ordinator.

Our Dynamic Department:

  • Co-Ordinates the Educational, Learning and Development needs of Pre-Registered Nursing Students, Registered Nurses and Health Care Assistants.
  • Promotes Quality Person Centered Care in the Organisation.
  • Promotes the use of evidenced based nursing practices
  • Assists with the maintenance of an effective Clinical Learning Environments for nursing staff.
  • Assists in the continuing personal and professional development of nursing staff through training and education.
  • Liaises with external agencies such as UCC, NMBI and the South - South West Hospital Group to advance Nursing Practice in the Organisation.

Services Provided


  • Identifying the learning needs of nursing staff
  • Co-ordinating a comprehensive education programme to meet identified learning needs
  • Co-ordinating and supporting undergraduate nursing students on practice placements
  • Ensuring that an effective clinical learning environment is maintained
  • Supporting preceptors
  • Assessing nursing practice development needs of the organisation, planning and implementing practice development initiatives to meet identified needs and continually evaluating their effectiveness.


  • NPPC- Bethseda Row
  • CPC’s- Office no.22 off Link Corridor
  • Allocations Liaison Officer- Office No. 24 off link corridor
  • Nursing Training and Development Co-ordinator- Office No. 24 off Link Corridor


  • Brenda O'Brien, ADON-Nurse Practice Development Co-Ordinator 021-4926231
  • David O'Brien, CNM 2 Nurse Practice Development Department 021-4926138
  • Maire Healy, Clinical Placement Co-Ordinator 021-4926138
  • Eileen Cotter, Clinical Placement Co-Ordinator  021-4926252
  • Ruth Wilkinson, Clinical Placement Co-Ordinator 021-4926252
  • Sharon McTighe, Clinical Placement Co-Ordinator 021- 4926252
  • Susan Kenny, Clinical Facilitator Theatre

Opening Hours

  • Monday- Friday 0800 hrs - 1700 hrs
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