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Mission Statement

To provide an integrated information service through leadership in identifying the technological developments of potential benefit to the hospital and responding to changing needs while satisfying and supporting existing systems and requirements .The department will equip themselves with all the skills necessary to provide expert advice, training and technical support to staff with emphasis on quality assurance, security, backup, audit practices and contingency planning.

February 2001

Department Profile

Department Description

The IT & Management Services Department manages the development and delivery of ICT Services within the hospital.

With a staff compliment of 4.75 the department supports a complex mix of technologies including Applications, Platforms, Infrastructure and Storage. The hospital's present network which is a structured cabling 10GB backbone switched network delivering 1GB to the desktop. In September 2019 the total number of computers devices supported was in excess of 500.

The Department provides management services including compiling and periodically reporting hospital activity, waiting lists, data quality, data extracts and ad hoc reports.

The Department works and collaborates with the South\South West Hospital Group and UCC in the delivery of hospital services to our patients.

Services Provided

The IT & Management Services Department is responsible for:

  • Managing the development and delivery of ICT Services.
  • Managing business continuity and data security.
  • Procurement and software licensing.
  • Providing support and advice in the development of systems and operational structures for effective management.
  • Provision of a Help Desk for ICT users.
  • Management of all IT at the hospital including the long term direction of systems development, the co-ordination of software development and IT hardware development and strategy.
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Completing data backup & manual backup procedures for all computer systems.
  • Management of central tape and disk libraries.
  • All aspects of security – passwords, education, training, firewall etc.
  • To design and develop the technical elements of systems.
  • Monitoring the implementation of new software installations and assume responsibility for all hardware and software systems currently in place.
  • Management of daily user ongoing support & training for over 500 workstations and laptops. There is approximately 1000 staff in the hospital.
  • Network management – preparation & planning, problem prevention, early problem detection, continuous improvements and quality control
  • Compiling and reporting hospital activity and waiting lists.
  • Processing PAS information in order to provide standard reports
  • Management of Hospital Multimedia Video Conferencing equipment
  • Tendering and maintenance of support contracts.
  • Participation in regional projects.
  • Compilation and preparation of HSE reports, e.g. BIU and Dashboard weekly/monthly/annually.
  • Structured helpdesk support.
  • Management of email and hospital internet access.


The IT & Management Services Department is located upstairs in the Main Administration Building. Coming in the main gates of the hospital the Administration Building (pale blue) can be seen directly opposite you at the other end of the car park.


The IT & Management Services Department is staffed by 5 staff members:

  • Mr Ronan O'Connell, IT & Management Services Manager
  • Mr Stuart Ginnell, Section Officer
  • Riobárd Morgan, Systems Administrator
  • Ms Juliette Wells, Staff Officer & Helpdesk Co-ordinator
  • Dave Murphy, Technical Support Services

Telephone + 00 353 (0)21 4926295, email it@sivuh.ie or write to IT & Management Services Department, South Infirmary - Victoria University Hospital, Old Blackrock Road, Cork, Ireland.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 0900 hrs - 1700 hrs

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