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Minister Kathleen Lynch will open Mohs Unit at South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital, Cork

Date  Friday 17th April  3PM

Venue   Conference Centre SIVUH

Expansion of skin cancer services at the South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital - Opening of Mohs Surgery Unit.


The South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital (SIVUH) is the major center for the provision of skin cancer services in the region.  The synergistic specialties of dermatology, plastic surgery, ENT, ophthalmology and maxillofacial surgery are located in the hospital.

SIVUH is delighted to announce the opening of a Mohs Surgery service. This is a highly specialised surgical method for removing skincancers in high risk facial areas and leads to higher cure rates than conventional surgery.  The Mohs Surgical service is lead by Consultant Dermatologist & Mohs Surgeon, Dr Catherine Gleeson in conjunction with Mr. Chris Cotter Consultant Maxillary Facial Surgeon & Mohs Surgeon.

At present the only other public Mohs service in the state is located in St James's Hospital.  The Mohs service at SIVUH adds to the comprehensive range of skin cancer services available at the hospital.




Bantry General Hospital (BGH) and the Department of Dermatology at the South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital (SIVUH) are pleased to announce the official re-commencement of a phototherapy service at BGH. Phototherapy involves exposing the skin to ultraviolet light on a regular basis under medical supervision and is used in the treatment of psoriasis.

The phototherapy outreach service, which is expertly delivered by the physiotherapy department staff at BGH in conjunction with a consultant dermatologist visiting from the SIVUH, provides an effective and convenient treatment for patients with psoriasis. West Cork based patients attend for treatment for a very short period up to three times a week for a total of six to eight weeks to access this treatment. With the service re-opening at BGH, it means that these patients no longer have to travel to Cork numerous times a week for very short periods.

The hospital wishes to acknowledge the Friends of Bantry Hospital for providing the funding to purchase and install the phototherapy unit and for acting as committed advocates to the dermatology services in West Cork. - Dr Michelle Murphy – 2nd April 2015




** Medical Dermatology for Non-Dermatologists 2015 ** (uploaded April 2015)

 The South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital & Dermcloud are pleased to launch an interactive web-based 4 week course on medical dermatology. (Click here to see details)



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