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Medicines Management is the central focus of all tasks undertaken by the Pharmacy Departmentat the South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital (SIVUH). This term incorporates every aspect of the medicines use process from purchasing to dispensing, supply, storage of medicines, prescription review, medicines use, medicines information, education and monitoring. 

Hospital pharmaceutical services in the SIVUH have developed to become are an integral part of each of these steps.

Our department’s aim is to ensure safe, effective and economical use of medicines at the SIVUH.

Department Profile

The Pharmacy Department provides a comprehensive service to patients and staff at the SIVUH. These services include Dispensary, ward based top-up and clinical service, Pre-assessment clinic review (elective orthopaedics), Medicines Information, Aseptics (for oncology and infusion clinics/ day wards), Non Aseptic (extemporaneous), Antimicrobial stewardship, Drug Safety and Education to staff, patients and undergraduate/ graduate students.

The department consists of pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians who work closely with doctors, nurses, HCSPs and other members of the multidisciplinary team to ensure safe and optimal pharmaceutical care at SIVUH. The staff participate in hospital committees such as the Drugs & Therapeutics Committee (D&TC), Infection Prevention and Control Committee (IPCC) and the Clinical Governance Committee (CGC). We are actively involved in numerous patient safety and cost efficiency projects throughout the hospital.

Staff Contacts
Phone +353 (021) 4926166.

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 0900 hrs - 1700 hrs






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