Rhinology and Endoscopic Anterior Skull Base Surgery


Rhinology is the area which deals with diseases of the nose. This includes treatment of allergic rhinitis (hay fever); sinusitis; nasal polyps; and nasal obstruction secondary to deviation of the nasal septum. Anterior Skull Base Surgery includes more complex cases such as removal of tumours of the nose and sinuses, and repair of defects of the anterior skull base. Nearly all Rhinologic and Anterior Skull Base operations are performed using a minimally invasive endoscopic approach, by introducing narrow cameras and instruments through the nostrils, and performing the surgery under video guidance. This allows for rapid recovery, with most patients going home on the same day or morning after their surgery. For complex cases, an image-guidance system, which displays the patient’s CT scans on a screen and allows the surgeon to define the position of the surgical instruments on the scans, is also used.

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